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Your stuff is unique. It could be a different size, shape or volume than what can be found anywhere else. That's the reason we offer so many different storage solutions - not a one-size-fits-all option. Our storage recommendations will be custom for your business and utilize a variety of storage product lines designed to store your stuff in an organized and secure manner.

High Density Mobile Storage

High density storage solutions provide a great way to maximize floor space. This mobile storage option simplifies your storage by putting more items into each available square foot of space. We offer several options (including both powered and mechanical assist systems), so you can use your space as efficiently as possible without having to part with any of your stuff.

Static Shelving

Static shelving is a storage solution designed to store all kinds of stuff. We have everything from traditional four-post shelving to wide span and FrameWRX bin shelving. Other static shelving choices include cantilever shelving systems, library shelving systems, case style shelving systems, as well as museum storage, art storage and pharmacy storage options.

Mail Center Furniture

A mail center has very specific storage needs, and we’ve got them covered. We'll help you stay organized as you sort incoming and outgoing mail and packages. But don’t be fooled by the name. These heavy-duty work consoles and sort modules can also be used in many places besides the mailroom to sort documents or work on literature fulfillment projects.

Modular Casework

Whether you're setting up a lab, classroom or office, our modular casework is a perfect fit. We have tall cabinets, storage cabinets, wall cabinets and more to help you create a custom space that can be changed easily to grow with you. Our modular casework is available in powder-coated steel, stainless steel or laminate to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

Automated Retrieval Systems

For locations with high ceilings, automated retrieval systems can make the most use out of the available vertical space. Just about anything, from files to pathology slides to small parts to bulk items, can be stored vertically with the right system. Our automated retrieval systems will bring you exactly what you need at the touch of a button and store it up-and-out of sight when not in use.


No matter what you have to store, chances are there’s a cabinet to keep it protected and organized. We have cabinets for everything from museum artifacts to evidence to patient supplies. If you need to ensure your stuff is fully protected, consider fireproof cabinets.


Whether they're storing book bags or evidence, lockers are a durable and convenient storage option. Lockers are a great fit for athletic facilities, schools and law enforcement agencies, but they can be used just about anywhere for employee personal storage. We offer a range of storage locker options, including evidence lockers, refrigerated models, steel lockers and laminate options.

Weapons and Gear Storage

Keeping weapons and the associated gear stored will not only protect these items but also the people who work around them. Our adaptable weapon storage systems ensure that your weapons are stored within easy reach and stored securely. Our products include wall-mounted gun lockers, personal weapons storage, TA-50 Lockers, and Universal Weapons Racks, including models durable enough for law enforcement and military use.


When your stuff needs to be ready to roll at all times or just needs to be moved from place to place, then carts are the right solution. We have medical carts, crash carts, WRX wheels bin carts, mail carts and other carts to serve almost any industry. Our carts keep your stuff stored well and accessible at the same time.
If you have a stuff problem, the right products are just the first step toward a solution. We also have the right people to help you figure out the best ways to use those products. Contact Patterson Pope today to learn more about how we can solve the problems stuff creates.

At Patterson Pope, we've found that there is not a “one-application-fits-all” storage solution in the real world. What works for a facilities manager doesn’t work for an equipment manager, or a librarian, or a nurse, or a curator, or a policeman. With that reason in mind, we have developed the right solutions to address all of the unique challenges in these different industries:

Commercial Business Storage

Look around the office and there is probably some type of stuff to be stored. Files, supplies, binders, blue prints, mail, these things eat up space and get disorganized. Not to worry. Whatever the media or the department, we have customized high density storage solution to solve any problem – from Movable Shelving Systems to Rotary Storage to Modular Casework to Mail Furniture.

Industrial Storage

It’s a reality. In those heavy-duty storage areas, stuff comes in all different shapes and sizes – from small parts and SKUs to palletized bulk material and anything in between. That is why we design industrial storage solutions that can handle whatever materials you’ve got to store, keep them accessible and store them in less space. Mobilized Rack, Vertical Lifts and Carousels and Modular Drawer Cabinets can handle the load.

Healthcare Storage

Healthcare professionals face real storage problems every day. Whether it’s storing sterile surgical packs and critical supplies in the operating room, increasing the amount of patient care supplies stored right in the patient room, or storing bulk items in central supply – we have the prescription for healthcare storage needs. From Compact Shelving Systems to Stainless Steel Cabinets to Medical Carts, our solutions are specifically designed to help improve access to supplies and increase efficiency.

Athletics Storage

Play ball! You worry about the X’s and O’s, and we’ll worry about the storage. With High Density Shelving, Racks, Lockers and Cabinets, we have the playbook for victory in the equipment room. When it comes to gear, helmets and pads, bats, balls, sticks, uniforms, shoes, medical supplies and hundreds or thousands of game tapes and records, you can count on our athletic storage systems.

Education Storage

When it comes to K-12 to College and University storage, we have the solutions that make the grade. Today’s education storage needs are changing. More class options and more students have led to a growing need to make better use of available space. From the Registrar’s Office to the Library, the Athletic Department to Campus Security, Mail Services to Maintenance, Food Services to Campus Museums and Art Galleries, we offer creative ways to store more stuff in existing space – all while keeping it organized and accessible.

Library Storage

Similar to the changes faced in education, library storage needs are also evolving. Libraries are transforming from simple books and media stored in rows and rows of library stacks and cabinets to multifunctional learning centers and community gathering places. From Mobile Library Shelving on-site to Mobile High Bay Shelving off-site, we can help preserve and protect a variety of media, collections, journals and books. House more stuff in less space, ensure user safety and access and have room left over for computer labs and coffee shops.

Government Storage

City and County Government agencies, the Postal Service, and the FBI all have something in common. They are all tasked with doing more with less. Our government storage solutions can help accomplish that goal. From High Density Filing, to Vertical Carousels to Military Lockers and Weapon Racks, now you can store your stuff in less space, keep it protected and organized, and save money.

Museum Storage

From High Density Storage Solutions to Museum Cabinets to Wide Span Shelving Systems and Flat Files, we’ll help you store and protect your valuable collections. As more years pass, there is more history to preserve. Saving floor space, access to materials and control over artifacts have become key elements to our museum storage solutions.

Military Storage

Specifically designed to ensure your weapons, optics, supplies, equipment, and records are stowed in a tidy manner, our military storage solutions are up to the task. Weapon Storage Racks, Mobile Shelving, Static Shelving and Lockers are some of the ways we make sure your gear is protected and portable.

Public Safety Storage

Law enforcement agencies, crime labs, courthouses, correctional institutions and fire departments all share a critical element: storage. But the vast array of storage challenges for any aspect of public safety ends here. From an Evidence Locker to Personal Storage Lockers, from Gun lockers to Casework, and from Fire Hose Rack to High-density Shelving, our public safety storage systems are specifically designed to protect the integrity of evidence, ensure weapons and gear are ready and secure, speed access to case files and court records and increase storage efficiency and security. While each industry and application are unique, the problems have a lot in common – and we have developed the right storage solutions to solve any stuff problem.