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Patterson Pope
Patterson Pope | Home
Posted by Eric on May 24, 2016  |   No Comments »
Modular Casework

Little changes can make a big difference. If there’s any company that knows the value of updating, it’s SAS. Based in Cary, NC, the company was started at NC State University in 1976. At the time of its inception, its purpose was to analyze agricultural research. Over the last 40 years, it

Posted by Eric on May 18, 2016  |   No Comments »
Inside Unique Storage P2

When many people think of Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, they think Buckeyes football. From 2011-2015, they’ve gone 50-4, won two bowl games and the inaugural National Championship Game in 2014. But athletic prowess, while popular, isn’t for everyone. There is another reason the

Posted by Eric on May 10, 2016  |   No Comments »
Franklin Police Department

The TV show “Sesame Street” has been instrumental in helping kids grow and learn. I myself credit it with teaching me that a well-ordered city has a fireman, a grocer, a teacher and a hardware salesman. On the show, these were more than job descriptions; they were personality descriptions,

Posted by Eric on April 28, 2016  |   No Comments »
storage plans

Patterson Pope knows storage. It’s a refrain we repeat again and again, and it accurately reflects not only the way we run our business but our passion for the subject. While that may be hard for some people to believe, it’s nonetheless true. Hey, there are also people who enjoy strapping on

Posted by Eric on April 21, 2016  |   No Comments »
Law Library Shelving

Twelve years ago, my wife and I were looking to buy our first “together” home. She already lived in a house when I met her, but after four years of marriage we decided it was time to find a place we could truly call “ours.” I remember the real estate agent showing us a couple dozen

Posted by Eric on April 12, 2016  |   No Comments »
space planner

When I was little, the only thing I knew about space travel was what I gleaned from watching shows like “Space: 1999,” “Lost in Space,” and “Star Trek.” At the movies, there was “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and, of course, the original “Star Wars.” By 1978 I had

Posted by Eric on April 6, 2016  |   No Comments »

To this blogger’s mind, there’s something very appealing about an Amish barn raising. Hear me out, here. You show up in the morning with your tools, mingle with your friends and family, and work your butt off. Throughout the day, everyone has a specific job to do and there’s plenty of

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