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Patterson Pope
Patterson Pope | Home
Posted by Robert on December 1, 2014  |   No Comments »
mobile shelving

I confess. I follow college football recruiting much more closely than I should. It’s not a good idea to tie my mood to the decisions of 17 or 18 year olds, but I can’t help it. You always want that blue chip prospect to choose your school. And when they don’t – you’re

Posted by Christy on November 24, 2014  |   No Comments »
Modular Casework

Would you believe that most passengers judge the safety of an airplane by the condition of the seats and tray table? Perhaps, you have walked down an aisle of grubby carpet, climbed in a seat with an unraveling seam in the upholstery, and folded down the tray table only to have it collapse

Posted by Linda on November 20, 2014  |   No Comments »
High Bay Mobile Shelving

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my college alma mater. I live a few hours away from the university, so I don’t get a chance to visit often. In all honesty, it had been many years since I’d been on campus. In the (eh, ahem) 16 years since I’ve been gone, the university has

Posted by Stuffey on November 3, 2014  |   No Comments »
modular casework

Modern medicine can do amazing things. And as miraculous as the drugs, tools and procedures can seem, the business of saving lives often comes down to some very pedestrian things. Like what you put the life saving stuff in and on. As Linda Skelton noted recently in her post “Modular Casework

Posted by Kecia on October 20, 2014  |   No Comments »
high density storage

I recently read “Time Is Money (And So Much More),” by Enoch Sears on Mr. Sears discusses how all of those small tasks on a project add up to a major time investment, which ultimately dips into design professionals’ profit margins and opportunities. He goes on

Posted by Natalie on October 13, 2014  |   No Comments »
modular casework

It’s a word we hear almost daily – “flexibility” – and most workplaces these days require it. No, not the flexibility to bend over and touch your toes, but the flexibility to change your work environment as your work needs change. Whether it’s a corporate office environment with free

Posted by Linda on October 3, 2014  |   No Comments »
modular casework for procedure rooms

You’ve heard the saying… if you want to get sick, go to the hospital. Unfortunately, it’s not far from the truth. The CDC has reported that at any given time, about 1 in every 20 patients has an infection related to hospital care. This not only affects the patient, but costs our healthcare

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