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Patterson Pope
Patterson Pope | Home
Posted by Kecia on July 17, 2014  |   No Comments »
CoreSTOR Nurse Server

What comes to mind when you think about “storage?” Is it a closet you are scared to open for fear of the avalanche of stuff, an obstacle course of squeezing between wire shelving and stretching your arm so that your fingertips might be able to graze the top of that item you need in the back

Posted by Stuffey on June 24, 2014  |   No Comments »
healthcare storage with rotomat

Turn on the news, and you can’t help but hear about the state of healthcare in America. Reports, studies, surveys, debates, commentaries and statistics are everywhere you look. For all the amazing things that can happen in a healthcare facility, it’s really just a large pile of stuff. When

Posted by Christy on June 23, 2014  |   No Comments »
Central Sterile Department

If you happen to follow trends in healthcare, then you have surely heard about the shortage of nurses in the US. In July 2008, the American Healthcare Association (AHCA) reported a national RN vacancy rate of 8.1 percent. While this number has likely climbed in the last few years, it by no means

Posted by Linda on June 16, 2014  |   No Comments »
BedLift Hospital Bed Storage

Prior to calling on the A&D community, I called on healthcare and prided myself on being able to help solve virtually any storage issue within a facility. But there were always a few issues I didn’t quite know how to address. More than once, I have been lead through back halls and

Posted by Stuffey on May 28, 2014  |   No Comments »
Evidence Storage

For the want of nail, the kingdom was lost. For the want of a proper chain of custody or a specific piece of physical evidence…  There’s nothing worse than catching the bad guy (or girl) and having them get away because of an evidence problem. That’s why we take evidence

Posted by Robert on May 20, 2014  |   No Comments »
evidence storage

I grew up on Legos, and still love to build with them today. My kids like Legos too, but they also like to play Minecraft – a lot. Minecraft reminds me of a computerized version of Legos, but from what I can tell every building block looks the same. I started thinking about how much simpler

Posted by Stuffey on May 15, 2014  |   No Comments »
College Library Storage

When you think about higher education, you’re probably thinking about the great ideas of history. Calculus, sonnets and the idea of living off of Mom and Dad without having to follow any of their rules. But as world-changing as we know all those ideas are, higher education is about more than

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