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Patterson Pope
Patterson Pope | Home
Posted by Linda on August 14, 2015  |   No Comments »

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld I love fashion. It is an art that allows for the expression of one’s individuality and gives the world a glimpse of who you are (or who you want to be) without saying a word. The quote above

Posted by Robert on July 29, 2015  |   No Comments »
College of Charleston Addlestone Library

College campuses don’t look like they did when I was an undergrad. Changes in education delivery, technology, and learning methods and styles have led to re-imagining how university and school buildings function. As Linda Skelton pointed out after a visit to her alma mater: “The university

Posted by Linda on June 25, 2015  |   No Comments »
fotune teller

Have you ever visited a fortune-teller? How often do you think they get it right? My guess is that they know as much about what will happen in the future as I do. That’s why we all plan for the future, or at least think about planning for the future. Because we don’t know. We have 401ks,

Posted by Robert on June 8, 2015  |   No Comments »
modular casework

Would it be safe to say that there is a healthcare construction boom? It sure seems that way. I see plenty of new construction (urgent cares, clinics, medical office buildings) as well as expansion projects at local hospitals. Looking at recent trends and future outlooks from Becker’s Hospital

Posted by Linda on May 28, 2015  |   No Comments »
Personal Duty Lockers

On Wednesday, May 20th, David Letterman walked out on stage for the last time. In honor of the longest running (and arguably one the greatest) late night talk show hosts in history, I thought it would be appropriate to do a Top 10 ten list (famous comedians not included). In a previous blog post

Posted by Linda on May 19, 2015  |   No Comments »
sterile processing strorage

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. After a long winter huddled up inside glued to Netflix binge watching the hottest series, I’m compelled to clean out my house and purge all of my unused stuff the minute we have a hint of spring. I absolutely love spring cleaning. There is no

Posted by Natalie on May 7, 2015  |   No Comments »
Public Safety Storage

I was in the Container Store a few days ago to buy parts for our kitchen pantry shelving. As I looked through the lengthy catalogue of closet components, I tried to decide what would help make my messy pantry a little less stress-inducing each time I open the door. Feeling overwhelmed by the

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