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Patterson Pope
Patterson Pope | Home
Posted by Stuffey on September 17, 2014  |   No Comments »

Turn on the television, and, even if you only watch crime shows,  you can’t help but notice that our criminal justice system is more complicated than it used to be. As Linda Skelton wrote about in “The Evolution of Evidence Storage” the average murder investigation in the 1970’s

Posted by Natalie on September 15, 2014  |   No Comments »
Personal Duty Lockers

The world of public safety can be a fascinating one. If it wasn’t, shows like COPS wouldn’t be around for decades and CSI and Law & Order wouldn’t have a dozen spin offs. I’ll be quick to admit, it is pretty easy to get sucked into an episode, because you have to know who did it.

Posted by Christy on September 11, 2014  |   No Comments »

After her high school graduation, my younger sister assumed the daunting task of purging grade school papers and debris that she had collected in her desk drawers through the years. During the cleanse, she came across a journal from elementary school. In the pages was a list she had made herself

Posted by Linda on September 5, 2014  |   No Comments »
evidence storage

Since 1992, The Innocence Project has been working to overturn convictions of wrongly convicted people. To date, they have overturned 318 convictions, 18 of which were on death row. The work of organizations like The Innocence Project along with advancements in science and technology has

Posted by Kecia on August 22, 2014  |   No Comments »
college of charleston library

During the planning stages of a new building design, the team working the project has many concerns to balance. While basic programming needs must be met within a defined budget, hundreds of other considerations work together to create objectives that begin to inform the building design, such as

Posted by Stuffey on August 19, 2014  |   No Comments »
modular casework

There’s a joke that goes, “School is where you store kids until they are ready to become productive members of society.” Like all comedy, there’s a grain of truth in it, especially the storage part. Higher Education involves so much stuff, it’s enough to hurt your head. There’s all

Posted by Linda on August 4, 2014  |   No Comments »

If you spend time on any college campus, you’ll see plenty of custom millwork. But, that may be changing. Enter Modular Casework. Modular casework has the custom flexibility of millwork (no 3” increment rule here) with the durability and warranty of a manufactured product. It’s a perfect

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