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Patterson Pope
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West Palm Beach High Density Storage Solutions

If you are working in the West Palm Beach area and need someone to handle your storage needs, we are here to help. Who are we? Patterson Pope is the number one choice for West Palm Beach when it comes to storage.

For forty years, we have been helping companies of all types with storage and organization problems. There is no job too large (we often service extremely large industrial warehouses) or job too small (our medical carts are favorites with West Palm Beach doctors’ offices). We handle every job with one goal in mind, giving the customer choice. Working with Patterson Pope, you will not be sold a one-size-fits-all product. We provide multiple storage units and systems that are customizable.

We service most industries in the West Palm Beach area, including: commercial, healthcare, industrial, athletics, educational, military, government, public safety, libraries and museums.

We have found that each industry has different needs. For that reason we provide a large selection of products. For example, healthcare facilities require an organized system for storing catheters, prescriptions, supplies and other equipment, plus many of these items need to be transferred from room to room. In order to overcome this challenge, we provide high-density mobile shelving for storage and medical carts for transport

Offices generally have stacks of files and media that must be stored compactly to save space. For these needs we have a variety of high density storage shelving to choose from including mechanical assist and powered systems. We also have several types of cabinets and modular casework.

Warehouses and industrial facilities require high-density shelving and automated retrieval systems that will store heavy items such as pallets and bins. We have many products to choose from for such needs.

Feel free to browse our Search Products page to explore the many products we offer to professionals in West Palm Beach. If you would like to speak with us, we encourage you to give us a call.

The team at Patterson Pope’s West Palm Beach office proudly serves the surrounding areas including Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale Pompano Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Belle Glade, and more!

West Palm Beach

1220 SE Glenwood Drive
Apt. 2
Stuart, FL 34994
(561) 315-8886