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Patterson Pope
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Patterson Pope - Storage Solutions to Meet All Needs

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At Patterson Pope, our goal is to help you make sense of your space as you take on an ever-present challenge - where do I store all this stuff? Over 40 years of experience coupled with a large selection of shelving, cabinets and carts makes this possible. Whether you are looking for furniture for your mail room or lockers for a high school, we’ve got you covered. Current categories of products include the following:

Cabinets ProductsCabinets

Cabinets take clutter and make it look organized simply by housing it more appropriately. Patterson Pope's cabinets include everything from evidence drying cabinets for labs to fire proof cabinets for valuables. We carry museum quality cabinetry, storage cabinets and file cabinets to help you store what needs to be stored - neatly.

Carts ProductsCarts

Carts store your stuff while allowing mobility at the same time. We stock mail carts, medical case carts, medical crash carts, medical procedure carts and WRX wheels transport systems. For your stuff that’s on the go, keep it organized and mobile with carts from Patterson Pope.

High Density Shelving ProductsHigh Density Shelving

High density shelving from Patterson Pope maximizes capacity so you can store more in less space. We have mobile storage systems and shelving units designed to hold a lot of stuff, whether you are storing evidence, dinosaur fossils, medical supplies or something else. All of these systems are designed for easy access when you need to retrieve something.

Lifts and Carousels ProductsLifts and Carousels

Make the best use out of your vertical space as a storage option with lifts and carousels from Patterson Pope. We will help you create a storage system that includes automated storage and retrieval through carousels or lifts that makes getting to your items quick and simple.

Lockers ProductsLockers

Lockers – even the name sounds secure. For evidence, gear, uniforms, weapons and various other stuff that you need to store and protect; we have the right locker for the job.

Mail Center Furniture ProductsMail Center Furniture

Sorting, storing and sending mail requires specific furnishings. At Patterson Pope, you will find sorting units, modules, satellite stations and consoles to create a mail center that is efficient and clutter-free.

Modular Casework ProductsModular Casework

Create your own custom design with modular casework from Patterson Pope. With powder coated steel cabinets, adjustable shelf modules, laminate cabinets and stainless steel cabinets, you can create a lab, medical office or other facility with ease.

Modular Walls ProductsModular Walls

Creating space within a floor plan does not have to mean permanent walls. There are times when you just need to segment space or make private areas on a temporary basis. From designing attractive and useful spaces like work areas and conference rooms in an office to offering patient privacy and isolating infections in a hospital, Patterson Pope has the modular walls and screens to meet any need.

Static Shelving ProductsStatic Shelving

Static shelving units (also called stationary shelving) are fixed to the floor, making them ideal for situations where mobility is not important. Affordable to purchase and simple to install, these shelves are a favorite in warehouses, libraries and fire houses. Patterson Pope is pleased to offer a wide range of static shelving types.

Weapons & Gear Storage ProductsWeapons & Gear Storage

Weapons and gear storage provides a secure place to store weapons and gear. A must for military facilities and public safety departments, these storage options protect expensive gear while also keeping it out of the wrong hands. We offer portable solutions, wall-mounted gun lockers, weapons racks, optics cabinets and personal storage lockers for gear.

No matter what your storage needs are, Patterson Pope has the storage solutions to conquer any stuff problem you encounter. Smart design, flawless execution and great service - that’s how we make space simple. Call today to discuss your needs with one of our storage experts.