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Whether you are designing a lab in a medical facility, building an off-site book repository for a library or creating an armory for soldiers, Patterson Pope has the right storage solutions to tackle your stuff problem head on. From shelving to carts to cabinets, if you need something stored, we likely have the know how and the mix of products to get the job done. We solve stuff problems for a wide range of industries, which are listed below.

Athletics ProductsAthletics

Lockers and storage shelving are must-have pieces of equipment for an athletic facility and Patterson Pope offers both. We also have rugged storage cabinets and drawers perfect for storing athletic equipment in an organized fashion.

Commercial Business ProductsCommercial Business

Your business needs to put its best foot forward to each customer that comes through the door, yet a cluttered space will detract from your image. With storage solutions from Patterson Pope, you can organize, store and even hide your stuff, so you look professional and prepared to all who walk through your doors.

Education ProductsEducation

From universities to elementary schools, cabinets, office carousels and lockers are necessary to set up an educational facility. Shelving for libraries, mail room furniture for the staff office and carts are also important in the educational setting. Patterson Pope will help you create a custom storage solution for your school or college facility.

Government ProductsGovernment

The government handles reams and reams of paperwork on an almost daily basis. Patterson Pope offers the storage solutions to make that paperwork accessible, while also keeping it organized.

Healthcare ProductsHealthcare

Crash carts, filing solutions, cabinetry and automated retrieval systems are all vital to running a hospital or medical clinic. If you are setting up a new facility or organizing your current location, Patterson Pope can help you design a custom storage setup that includes everything you need.

Industrial ProductsIndustrial

At Patterson Pope, we understand that industrial facilities need to make the most of their space, yet they also need durable storage solutions. Our products that cater to the industrial setting include high density shelving, powder coated steel cabinets, steel lockers and automated retrieval systems.

Library ProductsLibrary

Shelving is as important to a library as the books the shelves hold. Our durable shelving solutions will help keep your library's collection carefully and safely displayed for your patrons. Our high-density storage options allow you to transform your current stacks areas into collaboration and study areas.

Military ProductsMilitary

Patterson Pope's weapons racks and gear storage help military bases and training facilities keep their weapons, optics and gear protected. We also carry filing and media storage cabinets to help in military office facilities.

Museums/Galleries ProductsMuseums/Galleries

Whether they are creating new displays or storing priceless artifacts, museums and galleries need the right storage solutions, and we have them. Flat files, wide span shelving, fire proof cabinets and museum cabinets all meet the unique needs of these organizations.

Public Safety ProductsPublic Safety

Law enforcement officials and other public safety professionals need storage for their gear and arms as well as the paperwork that is part of their job. Patterson Pope's creative storage products meet all of these needs, making us the only resource needed for public safety storage needs.

If you do your work in one of these industries, Patterson Pope is ready to create a custom storage solution for your stuff. Call today to speak with one of our storage experts.