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Patterson Pope
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A Provider of Professional Shelving, Cabinets & Storage Systems for Pharmacy Needs

Patterson Pope has a wide range of pharmacy shelving systems and pharmacy storage systems to help you operate more efficiently in all aspects of the operation. You will be able to save space through more efficient storage, and process inventory and dispense orders more quickly. With effective storage and shelving solutions, your staff can operate with greater ease, and in the end, deliver better service to customers — and doing it more profitably.

Our modular cabinetry and shelving systems are widely used in all areas of the pharmacy, including the breakout and receiving areas, and the active store. Adjustable modules enable you to adjust and re-organize storage space as inventory requirements change. Other options particularly well suited to a pharmacy are vertical carousels for the active store area, and lockable drawers for the narcotics area.

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Gain Flexibility in Your Pharmacy Shelving Systems

With technology evolving rapidly in pharmacy operations, flexible pharmacy storage systems have grown in importance. As best practices for record storage change, and new automated systems for dispensing take hold, the configuration of both the backroom and the retail storefront will have to adapt.

Since it is impossible to know exactly what a pharmacy floor plan will look like even a year or two into the future, Patterson Pope’s modular pharmacy storage systems are the perfect, flexible solution. When new systems are put in place, storage areas can be easily shifted to a different position to accommodate new workflows, and reconfigured to accommodate changing inventory needs. Our modular casework for mobile islands, and shelving, unlike architectural millwork, can be disassembled and re-assembled with everyday tools, thanks to our simple pin-and-cam construction.

Spotlight Pharmacy Storage Solution

With Patterson Pope’s wide range of product lines, you get a one-stop solution for your pharmacy storage needs. Operational efficiency and maximum storage capacity are what we offer, without the hassle of cobbling a solution together from multiple vendors.

Flexibility is what sets Patterson Pope apart. Customize your workstations with Hamilton Sorter Modular casework. Add bulk storage and active storage with our High Density Mobile Systems. Build customized, modular picking stations with our FrameWRX storage system.

The convenience of a single-source supplier, the versatility of a customizable pharmacy storage system – it’s how Patterson Pope simplifies the pharmacy business.

Pharma Storage Diversity

Product Options

Patterson Pope offers a wide range of storage systems that can be used alone or as part of a complete storage solution. Options include:

  • Cabinets — Medical Storage Cabinets, Rotary File Cabinets, Lateral File Cabinets, Fireproof Cabinets
  • Carts — WRX Wheel Bin Carts, Medical Carts, All-purpose Carts
  • High Density Shelving — Lateral Bi-Files and Tri-Files, Low Profile Mobile Shelving, High-Density Pull Out Shelving, and more
  • Lockers — Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers, Laminate Lockers and Day Use Lockers
  • Modular Casework — Powder-Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and Laminate
  • Static Shelving — 4-Post, Cantilever, Wire
  • Vertical Carousels — Lifts and Carousels

About Patterson Pope

With more than 40 years of experience in the storage solutions business, we have seen thousands of pharmacy shelving and storage applications. By combining our knowledge of the industry with imaginative design and the best quality storage and shelving products available, we can provide you with an affordable, highly functional and tremendously flexible storage system.