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Art Collections

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Properly storing items in your art collection is very important for maintaining the value and quality of the pieces. Whether you work in a museum and are responsible for storing large pieces (such as textiles and fossils) or you need a gallery storage system for a collection of paintings, drawings and prints – Patterson Pope can help.

After working in the storage industry for more than forty years, we have helped a variety of customers with storage solutions for art collections. As a result, we understand the need for carefully designed and developed storage units to offer art collectors a diversity of options to choose from.

Below is a list of the storage systems that are ideal for art collections:

  • Cabinets
    • Flat files
    • Museum Cabinets (Delta Designs)
    • Fire Proof Cabinets
  • Static Shelving
    • 4-Post Shelving
    • Cantilever Shelving
    • Wide Span Shelving
  • High Density Shelving
    • Mechanical Assist Mobile System
    • Mobile Art Storage Racks
    • Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving System (Eclipse)
    • Low Profile Mobile Shelving System (Wheelhouse)
  • Modular Casework
    • Laminate Cabinets
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by the large selection and are not quite sure where to begin, start with your largest priority.

    If cutting down on space happens to be your biggest need, we encourage you to consider our Low Profile Mobile Shelving System (Wheelhouse). This rigid system is the perfect space saver and can easily be reconfigured to meet your exact needs. The Wheelhouse can efficiently store items – large or small – and it comes in three different options that include power operated, mechanical assisted or manual.

    Perhaps safety is your highest priority for the pieces in your art collection. If that is the case, you need not look any further than our selection of cabinets. Fire proof  cabinets protect your valuable items from extreme heat and flames, and also will keep them safe from other types of damage and theft. We offer a full line of museum cabinets, so that we are able to meet the exact size of your storage needs as well as surpass your expectations for storage safety standards.

    We suggest contacting us to help you make the decision on what storage unit would best serve your art collection. So call us – together, we can make sure you find the storage solution that is perfect for you.