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Museum Storage

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Optimize museum storage space with collections / artwork storage systems.

You collect it. We help protect it.

High Density Collections Mechanical Assist SystemFor more than 40 - years, Patterson Pope has been trusted to provide museum storage at large and small institutions like The Kentucky Derby Museum -- , the World of Coca-Cola Museum-- , and the Cincinnati Art Museum-- . With Spacesaver's recent acquisition of Viking Metal Cabinets, we now offer a complete suite of museum storage solutions, from simple shelving to compactors and fully customizable museum cabinets.

Beyond great products, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. From the initial space assessment, through product installation, to ongoing service and maintenance, we work hard to establish and maintain professional relationships that stand the test of time.

We offer the following museum storage products:

Museum Cabinets

We offer Viking by Spacesaver's complete line of museum cabinets, including popular and versatile Conservation Cabinets as well as specialty cabinets for entomology collections storage,botany collections storage, geology collections storage, and archival flat file storage. All our steel cabinets are designed and manufactured in the USA.


Save space and improve organization with compact mobile storage systems from Spacesaver. We offer complimentary space planning services to help make the most of your available storage space, and our local factory-certified technicians also provide ongoing maintenance and service.

Art Racks

Art racks are an excellent way to store two-dimensional art. All our art storage rack systems offer smooth and easy operation and provide an efficient way to store, organize, and display collections. We offer a variety of options:

  • Floor-mounted high-density art storage rack systems
  • Ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems (Hang-Glider Pro® Storage Panel System)
  • Free-standing modular art racks
  • 4-Post Art Racks, which can be integrated into compactors with other Spacesaver specialty storage units.


Sturdy steel shelving, made in the USA, provides the perfect platform for storing and protecting objects of all sizes. We offer 4-post shelving, case-type shelving, and cantilever shelving to suit a variety of needs.


Crated art and other large objects can be stored on our wide-span shelving. A durable powder-coat paint finish.

Heavy-Duty Compactors

Spacesaver's ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System is typically used in industrial settings, but the system has also been used at museums that need to compactly store extremely heavy objects. The Naval Undersea Museum, for instance, uses the system to store torpedoes.

Contact Patterson Pope today for more information about our museum storage solutions. Complete the simple Information Request Form or visit our Contact Page.